Fucked By The Doctor

Matt stood there watching the sexy Ukrainian doctor cover his body with his white lab coat, framing his tight round bubble butt that Matt longed to squeeze.

"Good morning Matt," Andre said. Matt's knees buckled hearing Andre's deep Russian accent. "Are you okay Matt?"

"M-Morning Dr. Ivanov. I-I'm okay, thanks!" Matt stuttered. He blushed and walked off. 'Damn! He always gets to me.' Matt thought as he shook his head.

Matt reached down and adjusted his hardened cock so it wasn't too obvious.

"Matt, you're working with Dr. Ivanov today. You two will be doing some lab tests on rats." Dr. Schaeffer said.

Matt groaned, "Yes sir."

'How am I supposed to work with him?' Matt thought to himself.

Matt found it hard to concentrate while having Dr. Ivanov leaning over his shoulder explaining some of the tests. Andre Ivanov's breath on Matt's ear was turning him on so much. His cock was as hard as steel and painfully erect down his pant leg.

"Yes Dr. Ivanov," Matt said, as the doctor asked if he understood.

"Matt, I told you to call me Andre." Dr. Ivanov said.

"Yes, Dr. I... I mean Andre." Matt blushed.

The two worked together side by side, until Andre said, "It's break time Matt. Be back in fifteen minutes."

"Okay Andre." Matt responded, rushing off into the empty men's room.

Shutting the door on the last stall, as he bent over to push down his trousers, the Sharpie pen in his lab coat pocket fell out. Reaching down to pick it up he sat down and wrapped his hand around his hard cock.

"Ahhh..." Matt sighed as he continued to stroke his cock. Matt looked at the pen in his hand as ideas popped into his head.

Releasing his cock he stood up and took off his lab coat, folding it in half and placing it over the door to the stall.

Matt turned away from the door and took his cock into his hand again, taking the Sharpie into his mouth, he got it wet. Reaching between and behind his legs as he continued to stroke his hard member, Matt ran the pen along his crack and poking at his virgin asshole. He took a sharp breath as the pen started to invade his tight pink pucker, slowly pushing it further in as he continued to stroke his cock.

Matt groaned as the feeling of the Sharpie moving in and out of his ass and the stroking of his cock got to him. Matt stifled his moaning as he barely heard the door to the men's room open. He quietly continued to stroke his hard member and moving the pen in and out of his tight fuckhole while listening to whomever it was taking a piss in the urinal outside.

He moaned loudly when he thought the other occupant of the bathroom left. Little did he know that the person walked back to the toilet and silently watched Matt's activities through the crack between the door and the wall. The man pushed on the door, finding it unlocked, the guy walked into the handicap stall with Matt, who remained completely oblivious.

"You know Matt, you need to learn to lock the stall door." The man said, startling Matt.

Matt blushed as he jumped and spun around to look at the man.

"Umm... Umm..." Matt sputtered out.

"It's alright Matt," The guy said as he locked the stall door.

"Dr. Ivanov," Matt said.

"Andre," The doctor said. Matt blushed a deeper shade of red. "You look like you could use a hand. So, could I." He said as he squeezed his hard cock.

Matt licked his lips as he watched Andre grope himself.

"Let me see what you were doing," Andre said turning Matt around.

He pushed Matt's hand out of the way and took a hold of the Sharpie. Andre pulled the pen out of Matt's ass.

"I think I've got something better than this pen that we can fill you up with." Andre said. Matt groaned. "Sit down and take mine out."

Matt's cock continued to stand at attention as his hands shook while reaching for the doctor's zipper. Matt licked his lips in anticipation. Pulling out Andre's hard cock, Matt gave it a couple strokes.

"Look at that Matt, my cock likes you. It already wants to start feeding you." Andre said as a pearl of precum leaked out of the piss slit. "Lick it up Matthew."

Matt leaned forward as he stuck his tongue out, the tip of his tongue just barely touching the head of Andre's cock. As Matt pulled away a string of precum followed.

"Give it a kiss." Andre said. "Yeah, that's it." Matt kissed his cock a few times as Andre moaned. "Now take it into your mouth."

Opening his mouth Matt took the head of Andre's cock in. Slowly he moved down on the cock, taking more of Andre's hard appendage.

"Mmm..." Matt moaned as he slurped on his cock. Andre's hands went to the back of Matt's head while Matt unbuckled his belt and undid the button. As Andre's pants slid down his legs Matt pushed his white briefs down as well.

Matt's hands rubbed up and down the side of Andre's legs before moving behind him and cupping the bubble butt that he'd been fantasizing about.

"Yeah suck on my dick." Andre encouraged. His hips bucked forward trying to force more of his cock into Matt's mouth. "I want your ass around my cock like your ass was around that pen."

Matt moaned as he released Andre's cock. "I've never been fucked before."

"No time like the present then." Andre smiled. Matt melted with that smile. He would do anything Andre wanted just to see that smile. Matt nodded his approval. "Stand up and turn around." Matt did as he was told as Andre got down behind him.

Andre spread Matt's ass cheeks apart, making Matt's pink pucker more accessible. Leaning in, Andre stuck his tongue out and started licking at the puckering hole. As he moistened Matt's poop chute and loosened it with his tongue he began to blow softly and watch it contract as the air cooled the wet skin.

"Oh fuck!" Matt groaned.

"You like that? You like having your ass eaten?" Andre asked.

"Fuck yeah! That feels incredible." Matt replied. Andre went back to work licking Matt's quivering hole.

With Matt's asshole gaping from the tongue fuck, Andre added a spit soaked finger to his pucker. Matt arched himself and threw his head back in ecstasy. Andre had found Matt's prostate. Continuing to rub at it, Andre had Matt pushing back on his invading finger.

Adding a second finger, Andre worked to loosen Matt's tight asshole. He fingered Matt's hole with fervor as Matt moaned and pushed back on the invading digits.

"Looks like you're ready," Andre said huskily.

"Yeah, fuck me Andre." Matt moaned.

Matt reached into his pants and passed a condom to Andre. Tearing into the foil packet Andre removed the condom and suited up. He spit onto his cock to lube it up.

"Your hot ass is begging for my cock." Andre said.

"Yeah," Matt agreed.

Andre pushed in slowly, stopping with the head of his cock inside of Matt. Matt groaned and pushed back, forcing more of Andre's hard dick inside of him. Both men moaned in ecstasy.

"Let me get used to you," Matt said out of breath. Andre waited anxiously with his hands on Matt's hips.

When Matt nodded Andre proceeded to pull out, leaving just his cock head inside of his sex partner. Andre pushed back in making Matt squeal. Andre moved in and out of Matt like a well oiled piston. Matt pushed back as Andre pushed forward. The slapping noise of Andre's balls hitting Matt's ass could be heard inside of the restroom.

Andre picked up his pace as he grabbed Matt's shoulders. He was giving Matt's virgin ass a workout and Matt loved it.

"Yeah, fuck me with that big dick." Matt encouraged as he stroked his swollen cock.

"You like my cock in your ass don't you?" Andre said.

"Yeah, give me that cock." Matt said.

The two filled that restroom with grunts, moans, and the slaps of balls smacking ass. Andre's hands moved from Matt's shoulders to wrap around Matt's body, pulling his body closer. He grabbed onto Matt's nipples through his shirt.

"Fuck, I'm just about ready to shoot." Matt said.

"Me too," Andre said.

Picking up the pace on his cock Matt began to groan as his climax built up. His ass clamped around Andre's cock as he started to shoot his cum all over the toilet.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," Matt moaned.

"I'm cumming," Andre said as Matt's continued to spasm around his cock. He continued to fuck Matt as he unloaded spurt after spurt into the used condom.

Andre collapsed onto Matt's back letting his spent condom covered cock slip from Matt's freshly fucked ass.

Matt cleaned up the mess he made before he and Andre got themselves straightened out.

There was a knock at the door.

"Matt honey, it's time to get up. You have to be at work soon."

"Okay Mom, I'm jumping in the shower now." Matt said as he lifted the cum soaked sheet from his body.

"Fuckin' dreams," Matt sighed and jumped into the shower.

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