Four Black Guys Fuck Me

I dont know if theres anyone else out there who craves this as much as me, but what I really want is to have a gang bang with a load of black guys all well hung. Heres my fantasy.

Im at the gym getting ready to hit the showers when all of a sudden a cavalry of black guys walk in and begin to tear off the clothes revealing their hot bodies and even hotter cocks. To them, Im an outsider, being white with a six inch cock instead of these huge man mountains, all of whom have massive throbbing black members. One of them notices me checking out his cock and shouts to his friends " Hey, lads I think we should teach this guy what a cock can really do. One of them, with a six pack to die for and a cock which must be at least 11 inches long and absurdly thick grabs me and bends me over a bench. I am frightened but also eager to finally taste some real black cock. The guy who grabbed me begins to lube up my ass ferociously with his tongue, whilst two of his friends dangle their massive twelve inch thick black cocks in my face. Another black man massages my cock underneath.

Now Im gettin fucked, and I just cant get enough of black cocks in my face and up my ass. As I have a huge black cock rammed against my prostate and suck passionately of two of the most huge tasty looking cocks I ve ever seen. the action continues for at least an hour. The two guys getting sucked off look like they are on the verge of cumming and I cant wait for them to hit me with their best shot. I wait for the moment. "Aaah, fuck me aah" shout the two black guys getting head then they both shoot their hot black man love oil all over my face and chest and down my throat. It tastes great and I cant wait for more. Their friend pulls his massive black cock out of my now well stretched asshole and wanks himself and shoots another huge wad of man muck in my face, the guy who was feelin up my cock is now up my ass and hes huge.

At least 13 inches and thick like a beer can around. I take it well as my hole is already well lubricated. He pumps and pumps at my puckered hole until we both cant take no more. Then I get a delicious feeling all over me as he pants and groans he shoots his load and I feel hot cum swirl round my bunghole. and by the end I have had four big black cocks in my face and in my ass. I never been as happy and I'm promised by the men that this will be a regular occurrence. I smile with delight and anticipate when my next fuck will be.

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