First Time Sex in Park Toilet

I was on my way home from high school and even tho I had noticed guys going in and out of the head in the park across the street from the school. I had never had a desire to go in there...but today was different. I had taken a shower after practice at school and the guy next to me had the biggest hard on I had seen and I was thinking about going home to jack off. When I thought, what the hell, I will go in the head and see what they are doing in there.

As I pulled my knapsack over my shoulders I walked in the door and noticed a couple of guys moving real quick like to get in a stall and I didn't look at them but went over to the urinal. I started to piss when out of the corner of my eye I saw a guy on his knees in front of a guy sitting on the toilet and they moved to the side when i looked, so I could see better.

My dick got instantly hard, a whopper if I do say so myself. The sucking got louder and the guy getting sucked motioned for me to come over to him. The other guy that was in the head came out of his stall and showed his cock and was masturbating furiously so i thought. What the hell, I was about to cum anyway, so i walked over to the guy who was getting head and he reached out and pulled my cock to his face and started to suck it. I remember how great I thought it was. My cock had never looked so big and I thought of the guy I saw earlier. That made mine grow even bigger. I was thinking about the guy in the shower and I shot the biggest load of cum I think I have ever shot. This guy ate it up. I bent over double I was so excited. I came and came and came... I felt my dick get a little sore. This guy was pullin on it with his lips so hard I had to push his head off. I pulled up my levis and stuffed my still hard dick in my shorts and left. I still love to get sucked off!

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