First Time Oral Sex

The year was 1971. I was hitchhiking up to San Francisco. I had hair halfway down to my ass and was deeply involved in hippiedom. I had some pot and some reds and I headed out to SF. I got a ride in Santa Barbara from this chick. I was hoping I could get her to bed, and I might very well have done so, but I downed a couple of reds after I got the ride and I really conked out. Next thing I knew, we were in SF. So much for time to operate. Oh well..

I hitched a ride to Haight Ashbury and tried to find a crash pad. The Diggers had an office there. The diggers were a bunch of freaks who did free things for the hip community, such as lining up crash pads for hitchhikers passing thru, or feeding people at the many free concerts in Golden Gate Park or the massive "Love-In's" at the park every Sunday. Those were the days! Lots of sex, great drugs, GREAT music and no hassles. Anyway, I got to the Diggers and this dude called around and said that there was nothing available in the way of a crash pad, but I was welcome to lay my sleeping bag out in the back yard. I did and popped another red and conked out again.

The yard was a small one, being in the city, and at the edge of the yard, it dropped off into a back alley with the trash cans. Next thing I knew, I felt a blow to the head and the cans were flying. I had rolled right off the edge of the wall into the alley. The dude from the Diggers took me inside. I told him that I had been there earlier and there were no crash pads. He said "Let me see what I can do" and he came back in the room and said "I got a place for you, but you have to let the dude give you a blow job". It sounded tempting, but I didn't want to tell HIM that! I said "No way!" He said "Why not? If fuckin' feels good!". I hesitated and then he said "I'd even give you a blow job myself". I figured - what the hell, nobody will ever know.

So I dropped my pants and sat down. He came over, knelt down, and started sucking my cock. It was OK, but I really wanted a woman. Then he suggested that we go in the other room and get naked. I went along with it. Then I wondered what it would be like to suck another dude's cock. So we started 69ing. It was kind of a turn on. He was really getting into it. It was more or less just mildly pleasurable for me. Then he asked if he could fuck me in the ass. I was pretty loaded still, and wondered what that would be like. I didn't like it, and to this day, I still don't. But it was my intro to oral sex with dudes. And THAT, I do like. That time wasn't that great, but there was one time in LA that I picked up this dude hitchhiking that still gets me rock hard to this day when I think about it. I'll post about that some other time maybe.

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