First Time Jacking Off in Adult Movie Theater

The following story is based on a true experience I had. The story is not an exact transcript of what happened, but it is quite close. I went to a straight adult movie theater last night. I don't go to them often, but tonight I was in the mood to see porn on the big screen.

When I arrived the theater had quite a few people in in, but was by no means crowded. I sat down in the back row of the theater and started to watch the movie. Gradually as it got latter more and more people left. Eventually there were only a people left.

When there were only a few people left. A very good looking guy stood up walked right past me on his way out to the lobby or bathroom. He had medium dark skin, was about 5'10" tall, and had shoulder length wavey black hair. He had some sort of black baseball type hat on. The was wearing a black leather jacket, TIGHT blue shorts and black boots.

A few miniutes latter he came back and sat down in last seat in the last row of the theater. I was sitting about 5 seats away from him in the same row. I was jerking off while I watched him go to his seat. When he got to his seat he looked right at me, saw me stroking myself and smiled. He then started rubbing his crotch and looking at me.

We went on watching each other doing this for a while. Eventually I got up and sat down about 2 seats away from him. I unbuttoned my 501's again and pulled my semi-erect cock out of my pants and started stroking it. He continued rubbing his crotch and watching me strok myself. I was also watching him rub his crotch.

After about 10 minutes of this I got up and sat in the seat next to him. I looked strait into his eyes as I started to stroke the insides of his hairy thighs with my free hand. I moved up and down his thigh with a feather touch while he was rubbing the bulge in his shorts. I eventually moved my hand to his crotch. I could see that he had pulled his shorts up as tight as they could go. Most of his ass cheeks were hanging out. I imagine his shorts were rubbing on his asshole each time he squirmed is his seat. This made his bulge evem more promenent.

While I was massaging his bulge he reached over and started stroking my cock. I was in heaven. Eventually he had me move my hand into his shorts so I could play with his 6" cut cock while he played with my cock. It was really great.

After a while he pulled his cock out of his shorts so I could wrap my lips around it. It smelled and tasted too good. I could only suck him for a moment because there were still a few people in the theater. He then did the same to me. I wanted him to go on sucking me forever. It was incredible. We then continued to play with each other for a while longer.

Eventually the theater closed for the night and we had to leave. Before we parted I asked him his name. He told me it was Eric. I very suprised, as my name is Eric too. I wanted so much to suggest that we go to either his place or to my place to contimue what we started, but I was too shy. I feel that I will regret not suggesting it for a long time. I wish I had gotten at least a phone number.

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