First Human Toilet

Well, this is kind of a wierd story...actually a confession. It just happened today at lunch. It's kind of gross, so you should ignore it if you're squeamish at all.

Sometimes I get really horny, like today, and I go trolling around the aol chat rooms for some queer to suck my dick. I hadn't actually got up the gumption to do it yet. I did make a couple of appointments and chickened out. Well, today I was on and this young guy, 19, says he really wants to suck me off. I'm not sure if you've seen this before, but they say no reciprocation wanted. That's cool by me so I could blow my load and just leave. So I arrange to meet him at his place over in King of Prussia over my lunch hour. It was 11:30 when I signed off and I had to leave right away.

As soon as I got in the car I realized I had to take a dump. Well, I was pulling out of the parking lot and I didn't want to be late. Taking a shit was gonna have to wait. I get over there and Paul, home alone for the summer, invited me. We chitchatted a bit. I was kind of nervous. My stomach was churning. Soon enough he grabbed my pants and started unbuttoning them, then took my dick out. Now, by this time, my cockhead was purple and I was leaking so much precum my underwear were almost soaked. Then, in one motion, he pulled my pants down and took my whole cock in his mouth. I was feeling really good. Until, that is, he decided he wanted to poke his finger up my ass.

My wife sometimes does that and I really get off on it. I knew if this guy put his finger up there, it was gonna come out brown. So I grabbed his hand and told him not to. He asked why and I told him I had to go to the bathroom, and started smiling real wide. I told him it was OK, I could wait til I got back to the office. Then he asked me to shit in his mouth. I couldn't believe it. He went on to explain that he loves shit and eating it straight from the asshole.

I didn't want to, but he kept bothering me, so I agreed. He laid down on the floor and I got into position with my asshole right above his mouth. His tongue flicked out and washed my ass clean. Then he grabbed my hips and pulled me tight, my asshole directly on his mouth. Then I heard him grunt, "go ahead and shit when ready." SO I just pushed a little bit and I could feel the turd come slipping out. I could feel his lips like a suction cup on my butt slurping up my shit. I tried not to push it out too fast, but he took every last bit of it. He was moaning like there was no tommorrow and I could see his dick was hard as a rock. After he finished swallowing my turd, he started licking my ass, like toilet paper. He cleaned it all off.

When I got off him, he just laid there smiling. I sat back down on the couch and he crawled over and started sucking on my dick. It didn't take long til I shot a hot load down his throat.

He gave me his phone number and told me to call whenever I wanted. The wierd part is that I was totally turned on by shitting in this guy's mouth. I'm already stiff just thinking about it.

Has anyone else ever done this? Is it normal to enjoy it? Why would I get so turned on by something so gross?

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