Finger Job

Danny's engorged prick seeped lubricant as I swept my fingers around his flaring rim. The pink color of his glans had deepened to ruddy as the magic moment approached, and I knew he would soon be crying out in agonized ecstasy as his swollen tip shot jet after jet into the air. Danny and I enjoyed giving each other hand jobs, always experimenting with different strokes and caresses to heighten our sensations. Danny was a sexual sophisticate, and had introduced me to the idea of separate orgasms, which allowed each to concentrate on his own pleasure without having to think about the other's. This time it was his turn to receive pleasure, and mine to give it. When he arrived at my apartment, we stripped down and went into the bedroom, sitting on the bed facing each other. I began by pinching his cock-head through the enveloping skin.

Neither of us was cut, but our foreskins were very different, although our hard-ons were about the same size: slightly over six inches. Danny's foreskin was thin, and barely came to the end of his glans when his prick was limp. Now that his prick had begun swelling, his hood slid back until it lay inverted and flat along his shaft, completely exposing his long, sensitive head. I thought Danny's prick handsome, partly because of the large helmet-like glans, with its compound curves and flaring rim. He also liked mine, for similar reasons. Danny also enjoyed playing with my foreskin, which was very different from his.

I had a long, funnel-shaped hood that came out beyond the end of my nosecone, forming a nipple that he rolled between thumb and forefinger. Playing with my prick increased Danny's excitement, and he handled my cock right until the moment he came. Danny's cock was fully hard, with the pee-slit pouting in an oval shape, and I stretched out alongside him in a "69" position to get closer to his hard-on. I always liked to have a front-row seat when I made him come, so that I could see everything up close.

Right now, I saw the first drop of clear lube seeping from Danny's hole, and I placed my fingertip on it, rubbing it in small circles around his hole. His prick throbbed slightly, and another drop emerged. I rubbed his helmet in wider circles, spreading the lubricant over the tender, shiny surface. Danny's prick-head was a healthy pink, with a blunt nose indented with the oval of his orifice. Underneath, the twin lobes formed a triangular groove between them, and the two sides spread as they swept back and upward to form the flaring rim on top of his shaft, two inches back from the end, giving it the distinctive "helmet" shape instead of a "mushroom."

A thin strip of sensitive tissue, the gee-string, ran from the bottom of his triangular groove to the foreskin, and plucking this would give Danny shivers. I ran my lubricated fingertip down under the cock-head, just touching his gee-string, and his cock gave a powerful throb as a gush of pre-come poured from his hole. What we did to each other was really a "finger job," as I used several fingers to spread the slippery goo all over Danny's glans, from blunt nose to flaring rim, and I heard him gasp at the strong sensations. We used fingertips to caress our turgid tips because we'd found that this produced very acute sensations.

Danny had shown me how the ridges on our fingertips that provided fingerprints also felt very good when caressing the sensitive glans. I had gasped and cried out when he'd first run his fingers around my lubricated ridge, because it was so sensitive. To me, it had felt almost like an uncontrollable urge to pee, but as I'd done so a few minutes before, not a drop emerged.

With each maddening caress, another hot urge to pee swept over me, but no urine came, only drops of pre-come. I was gratified and enchanted by the delicious sensations, which I'd never before experienced. Danny had said that this type of stroking did exactly the same to him. He'd explained to me that our cock-heads were always protected under our hoods, and were exposed only while peeing and for washing. Even when masturbating, we usually stroked our smooth foreskins over the sensitive tips. This is why the ridged skin of our fingertips was so stimulating, requiring only light caresses to bring on a powerful climax. However, we had to keep the touches light, almost teasing, for maximum sensations.

Danny, more experienced than I, had told me that the fingertip technique worked best with uncut guys, because their cock-heads were more sensitive. Danny was writhing now as I spread more of the steadily seeping fluid over his tender cock-head. Even though it evaporated, there was always a fresh supply to keep his helmet and my fingers wet and slippery. I ran my fingers around the high ridge, then back along the inverted foreskin behind the head, feeling the warmth of his cock. I enjoyed caressing Danny's prick, knowing that it pleasured him so acutely, and found that it always turned me on as well.

I was aware that my cock was fully hard, even though Danny was still only stroking my foreskin nipple. Because I wasn't supposed to cum until after he'd had his, he avoided uncovering my glans. Anyway, he knew what it looked like, having seen it many times. I had a long, flaring Darth Vader helmet, about two inches long like his tip, that was normally purple and became deeper purple when its teardrop shaped hole spit its cream. Now, I felt the familiar tickle deep in my cock-root, telling me that drops of lubricant were seeping up my tube. Inches in front of my eyes, Danny's cock-head had darkened slightly with the congestion of blood. I ran my fingertips over the rear of his thick corona, feeling the tiny bumps of his nerve endings. Danny moaned slightly, because the sensations were so intense. I knew exactly what he was feeling, because I felt the same sensations when he did me.

Each touch was like a jolt to my nervous system, filling my prick with sensations that were almost too intense to bear. My cock would throb, and ache for release. Danny was closer to the edge now, and I felt his cock-head lose its sponginess as it went into its final swelling. I really enjoyed watching the rim flare out even more, and the color darken as more blood filled his cock. The tiny, nerve-filled bumps behind his ridge became darker as I watched. Clear lube gushed from his hole, and I spread it over the glossy surface to replenish what had evaporated. Now I ran my fingertips over the smooth tissue in front of the ridge, knowing that Danny responded to every touch, every caress.

"I'm really turned on," he muttered.

"Me, too," I replied. Danny had been crying out softly, "AHH-AHH-AHH," as the sensations gripped him and he anticipated glorious release. His cock gushed pre-cum as his body tensed involuntarily and his legs began trembling. I swept my fingers around his hard- flaring rim again, then placed my thumb under the cock-head, right in the triangular groove containing his hot button, as I rubbed my fingertips sideways around the high ridge on top. I wanted to keep him at the edge as long as I could, so I lightened my touch. Danny's eyes were closed, and he threw his head back. I saw his lips pull back from his teeth as the supreme moment approached. I clamped my other hand around the base of his cock and squeezed hard, trapping the blood flow as my thumb squeezed his hot button and my fingers flew around his ridge.

My cock-head tingled inside its hood, because I felt so turned on by Danny's excitement. Danny cried out as his prick throbbed powerfully in my hands. A gush of white cream shot out the tip into my palm, then dripped onto his stomach. His cock throbbed again, and an even longer ribbon of white fluid streamed from his distended orifice. His shining head throbbed under my fingers as I stroked it along its broad upper surface, then again around the sensitive ridge. Another spasm gripped Danny as his cock spit another hot jet into my hand. Suddenly, I was aware of Danny's fist yanking back my foreskin and his fingers stroking my ridge and the groove behind it. With my turned-on state, this sudden jolt of sensation drove me over the edge, and I felt a powerful surge in my cock-root that forced the first burning jet of hot lava up my prick.

Danny's distended cock-head shot another stream as mine blasted its load of cum onto the bed sheet. My prick was tingling all over, from bloated purple helmet to throbbing root, and my mind went on "HOLD" as I became lost in the throes of orgasm. Hot spasms wracked my body, but my fingers still caressed Danny's bulging glans as I wrapped my hand around it, pumping up and down on both head and slippery shaft. I felt Danny's fingers sliding in the pre-come and white cream as they stroked my throbbing cock-head, and more jets burned their way up my tortured tube. We hadn't planned this, but events had caught up to us.

This wasn't the first time it had happened that we'd both come because we were so turned on, but it was the first time that Danny had made me come on purpose during his orgasm. Before, I'd found my hips pumping my engorged prick into Danny's fist, my cock-head still inside its hood as I tried to plunge it through his fingers. This time, he'd stripped back my helmet so his fingers could reach my tip and finish me off. When the last spasm had passed, we were exhausted. Danny and I lay silently on the queen-size, staring into space, not saying a word before our eyes closed and we dropped off into exhausted sleep.

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