Drunken Gay Indiscretion With Straight Friend

One of my best friends is straight. We get along very well and often joke that if he were gay, we'd be a couple. He's a hot guy in my eyes, mid 30s, 6 foot, 180, very hairy chest and belly (slight beer belly), doesn't work out but plays sports and has an average build.

One night we went to a party and got rather drunk, because his place was within walking distance and neither of us could drive he invited me to spend the night. We ended up having one of those drunken "you're such a great guy" conversations and even hugged a few times on the way back.

At his place, we talked up a storm and at one point I followed him into the bathroom to finish a point. I noticed his dick looked half hard (we often pissed together while out hiking so I had seen his dick before) but figured it was just the beer. Shortly thereafter I offered to sleep on his couch, he would have none of it and invited me to share his bed.

I watched him undress and figured I'd have masturbation material for months. He stripped down to snug boxer briefs and at this point his dick looked like it's normal 4-5 inches swinging (I should mention my pal would occasionally tell me stories about his sex life with woman, he had mentioned on several occasions that he had a big dick and its soft state seemed to confirm it).

We got in bed togther and chatted a bit more, still in the vein of what great friends we were to each other. I said I was sleepy and asked for good night hug (I wanted to feel that furry chest rubbing mine and hoped his dick, even soft, might bump mine). We hugged and it was delicious, I could feel his rough chest hair grazing my nipples and definitely felt his bulge pressing into mine. After our hug, I told him I found his hairy chest very nice and wished my chest hair was as thick as his.

He brushed his hand across his chest and told me I could rub his chest if I wanted. I did and my hands brushed his hard nipples, my strokes got wider and I rubbed his belly and then his upper thigh. He was lying on his back and I was lying on my side facing him. I could feel his dick rubbing my arm as I reached over him. I was about to stop - feeling I had gone as far as I dared - when he giggled and suddenly took my hand off his thigh.

Uh Oh, I panicked. But he firmly placed my hand on his crotch. I was frozen for a moment but then began softly squeezing his package. "This is actually happening" is what went through my mind. Soon the blankets were off and I was touching him all over. I pulled off his boxer briefs and stroked his cock a bit, he was not fully hard so I decided to see what I could do.

Now I should mention I am not an eager cocksucker, I like to be sucked and I like to fuck, but I rarely end up bottom in a sexual situation. I started sucking his meaty cock and was amazed that the head alone was nearly filling my mouth. I slurped on it for few minutes before saying " you were right, you do have a big dick". He said" you ain't seen it fully hard yet!" He then said it was at least 8 X 6, but maybe a little bigger.

My average dick was rock hard and poking him in the leg, he mentioned it and said it was okay but he wasn't up for doing anything to it. I said no problem. About now, my attention span for sucking dick was over, I began licking his balls while gently playing with his nipples. I kept asking him if it was okay and if it felt good. He always replied yes.

From his balls I moved down to his furry asscrack, since it was nice and clean I began rimming him. I looked up and his cock was rock hard and dripping. He began jacking off as I licked his hole. I continued stroking his chest and nipples and belly while ramming my tongue up his hole. After a bit, I switched to my finger and he immediately came, I wasn't about to swallow but I let it gush out onto my face and beard. He got up and I will never forget the image of him, his dick rock hard and sticking out in the moonlight through the window.

To be honest, it almost ruined our friendship and we agreed it could never happen again. In the emotional aftermath, I admitted that I really wished I had fucked him and that I hadn't felt I had given him a very good representation of gay sex. I told him he a had a rain check to use any time he wants. I hope he takes me up on it someday, until then I still jack off thinking of that night.

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