College Jock Fantasy

I noticed my roommates door was open and went in to their room. The 2 guys in this room are both jocks. Tall, lean hard bodies. I'm really horny and I hear 1 of the guys in the shower. I decide to hide in his closet so I can look out the slats in the door when he gets out of the shower and jerk off while he dresses.

He comes into the room just as I hide in his closet. I pull out my cock and start stroking it as I look at him through the openings in the closet door. Eric has a really hot body. He's blond, blue-eyed, his legs are lean and hairy, his pubic hair is very dark almost black. His bubble butt is so perfect I almost come when he turns and bends over.

There is a noise at the door and Eric's roommate John comes in. John is wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and white tennis shoes. They talk for a minute as Eric finishes dressing. I hadn't counted on John showing up and I hope I don't get caught in the closet.

Eric leaves for his job and John lays down on his bed reading a magazine. Soon John starts rubbing his crotch and I can see a mound developing in his jeans. He gets up and closes and locks the room door. John strips off his clothes. He's got that classic All-American boy next door good looks with brown hair and blue eyes. His cock is at least 8 hard inches. He's tall with a tight muscular body. He's slowly stroking his hard cock. Now he goes over to a pile of Eric's dirty clothes and gets one of Eric's wool socks and a pair of his white briefs. He lays on Eric's bed and puts the sock over his hard cock and rubs the briefs on his face as he slowly starts stroking. I'm hard again as I also start stroking waiting to see what happens next. John next puts Eric's pillow down near the foot of the bed.

He lightly strokes the pillow with one hand as he continues stroking his cock with the other. He's talking as if Eric is there on the bed saying "Eric does this feel good? and "You want me to make love to you all night long Eric?". He leans over and kisses the pillow.

"I'm going to fuck your tight ass Eric." John arranges Eric's briefs on the bed about where Eric's ass would be and lies on the bed as if he were lying on top of Eric.

"Does that feel good Eric" John says.

"Feel my hard cock against your tight ass". John hugs the pillow and smothers it with kisses. John starts slowly humping the bed rubbing his cock with the sock on it against the briefs on the bed. John is grinding his hips all around on the bed and gyrates as he pumps the bed. I can see his face as he fucks his jock buddy in his mind. There is such a look of ecstasy on John's face as he fuck's the bed like there's no tomorrow.

He keeps talking saying "Oh God your ass is so tight and maybe thrusting really hard and saying "I'll ram it in all the way up to my balls". He goes faster and faster until he lets out a cry and he cums in Eric's sock. The look on his face is incredible and my cum shoots all over the place. John lays on the bed with his arms around Eric's pillow.

He removes the sock from his cock, turns it inside out and rubs his cum all over his chest. He straightens the bed up and puts the dirty clothes back on the pile, grabs his towel and goes to take a shower. I seize my opportunity and escape the closet.

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