College Freshmen Jockstrap Fantasy Comes True

I really think guys like myself, who have a fetish for jockstraps owe a few words of thanks to the creativity to BVD and the other companies that make them. When I started my collection in high school a few years ago the predominate color was white and the material rough cotton, now there is such a variety of colors and materials.

Variety has become the spice of life and I for one love it. Even as I am writing this record of my adventures and the joys of jockstraps, I am wearing only a jock strap which is filled with the rock hard length of my shaft trying to escape its cotton pouch.

I am currently a freshmen at State college. Being in a dorm, at first sounded like a downer until I started looking around. You wouldn't believe how many guys just strut around in just jockstraps or gym shorts alone the halls.

Don't get me wrong, I am sexually turned on not only by jockstraps but the jocks who wear them. My cock springs to attention with just the smell or nearness of a sweaty jock, though timidity has held me back from flesh to flesh contact. The ultimate perfume for me is the everlasting odors of a sweat and male hormones lingering in a locker room.

I am not football player material, my build is more suited for swimming; but I volunteered to be a team manager. I therefore have an excuse to be in the locker room quite often and also to keep my eyes open for when some football stud dumps a worn jock into the corner of the locker room. Believe it or not I have collected thirty odd jockstraps in this manner! Most of them are worn thin and have holes where cock flesh has rubbed the cloth pouch away. Since they aren't washed out before the stud tosses them the scent of the man remains. It is heaven to finding a jockstrap that has the heady odor of cock, sweat and male pee.:

One of the most exciting things of all happened to me just last week. It was a Saturday evening, when I walked upstairs to Brian's room. He was a classmate of mine and had asked me to help him study for a psychology test. I would never miss out on an opportunity like that to be in the same room with one of the studs who populated my jerk off dreams..

I knocked at the door of his room. He didn't answer it. That was strange, as he told me to come up at seven o'clock. I tried the door to his room and, surprisingly, found the door was unlocked. I opened the door and called out his name. Maybe he had stepped down the hall for a few minutes, I thought.

I walked into his room, calling out his name again. Still no response. I looked in his john. He wasn't there either. But what I did see was his jockstrap, lying there on top of the hamper. I swallowed hard, wondering whether I should take a chance and to inspect the jockstrap. I didn't have a lot of will power. I was drawn to the jock like a magnet.

The elastic waistband was white while the pouch was deep blue and made of some sort of nylon material. My cock thumped against my jeans as my fingertips ran along the silky soft material. I looked inside the pouch and saw some pee stains. Jackpot!

I pressed the jock to my nose and sniffed his masculine body odors still drenched into it. It was even still damp from with his sweat.

I guess I sort of got carried away by all this, after that. The next thing I knew, I was pulling my jeans to my ankles, and began to jerk off into his jockstrap. I knew; I didn't have much time. My hands flew up and down my rod, and within a mere couple of minutes, I was ready to explode.

I shot frothy splashes of semen into the jockstrap. I scored direct hits in the pouch. There was a fine layer of my cream coating the jock by the time I was finished.

I frantically pulled up my pants and was about to stuff the jock into my pocket for my collection, suddenly I saw Brian standing in the bathroom doorway. He had just returned from the communal shower room, wearing just a towel.

"Why you horny little bastard," he said reprovingly. "How; dare you try to take my jock!" He came over to me and took the cum covered jockstrap from my hand. I was ready to be pounded into the ground by this brawny jock. The scowl on his face turned into an evil smile as he dropped the towel to the floor.

His cock was at full attention, either it was a sexual thrill for him to contemplate beating me to a pulp or he had other kinkier ideas. With difficulty he then pulled on the blue jockstrap, which was filled with my cum. He rubbed the pouch all over his crotch.

"I love the feel of your cum on my cock," he said as he bunched the jockstrap below his balls. This made his cock and balls stand out even more. His shaft was slick with my cum from the jockstrap pouch. .

"You should have let me know a jockstrap turns you on," he smiled. "Here, put this on," he said reaching into the hamper for another jockstrap. "Once you have it on, I want that meat of yours to crack open my butt."

"You're sure about this?" I asked in my confusion.:"I have never......."

I was about to tell him I never fucked but decided to go along with the moment. After all Brian was just about begging me to buttfuck him. I hadn't known that he got it on with other men. Brian was such a hunk with his blond curls and his tanned well built six foot frame. Oh how often, he had been one of the many guys populating my masturbation fantasies. I would have dressed in a Chicken suit and fucked him mid court during a basketball game if he had asked me.: I undressed in a flash and pulled the jockstrap on over my legs. My prick angled out like a foot long ruler out the side of the pouch. Brian led me back into the main room holding my cock like a handle. He locked the door and got on all fours in the middle of the room, the straps of the jock framing his asscrack. It was obvious that he wanted me to butt fuck him. My cock was already back to its pre-jerk off hard state. I knelt behind him and smiled to myself picturing us like two horny dogs ready to fuck. Water from his shower still glistened on the hair of ass crack and to that I added some spit as I aligned my cock for docking with his asshole.

I spread his buttocks and aimed my thick eight inches of cock between his buns. I would like to say I hit target the first try but it was a struggle. He reached back and opened his asscheeks for me and I saw his wrinkled pink butthole winking at me. I grabbed my meat and homed in meeting his pink butthole flesh with my plum red cockhead flesh. Electricity sparked my sexual drive into hyper-drive as my cockflesh for the first time felt the flesh of another.

As my cockhead pushed apart his rear hole and popped past his sphincter muscle, I heard Brian emit a low toned gasp. His ass muscles fought for a second as the tip of my cock won its beachhead and wouldn't be expelled. I spit some more down onto the shaft of my cock and pushed forward into the warms depths of Brian's asshole. My cock slide in slowly it was like a hot knife cutting into butter despite some friction.

Brian pushed his hips back into mine, as if seeking for my cock to more deeply probe his insides. I increased the intensity and depth of my penetration to match what seemed his evident desires.

My cock slid around inside his shit chute, as cloth of his jock I was wearing rubbed against his smooth white asscheeks. I gave a few whacks to his buttocks to let him know I was in control. Red hand prints branded his buttocks as my property. I pulled the elastic straps of his jock and let them snap against his flesh. I was getting fully into a dominant role I as pounded my hips forward letting my balls bounce against his as I fully lodged my prick in his hole.

With a speed I didn't anticipate my balls violently contracted. I had no control as the cum shot burning up along the shaft of my cock and creamed the warm flesh of his asshole.

With my still hard cock lodged firmly between his buns, I lay over his hunched body and reached around for his hard cock. I was like milking a cow from behind as I stroked his cock into an orgasm that was signaled by his ass muscles locking even more tightly around my ass fucking cock. He moaned as the cream dribbled onto the floor below him and I kept stroking even though I could tell his cockhead was now ultra sensitive and couldn't bear to be touched. I then collapsed on top of him, locked cock to ass in the middle of the floor.

We didn't get much studying down that evening, needless to say. We spent most of the time in his bed finding new ways to unload our balls. He gave me that blue jockstrap as a souvenir of our first encounter, and I'm invited back next week to get it on with him again.

In the meantime, I'm headed to the store to buy him a few new jockstraps to dirty for me.

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