Coach's Son With Quarterback and Coach

Randall Thomas was just getting a fresh start in another city and a new job. He was starting work as the head football coach at a mid-size mid-western university. At 32 years of age, 6'2" and 180, he was different from most college coaches: he was physically fit and young. Not only did he have to get used to a new community and a new job, but his young son, Randall Jr., 18 years of age, needed time to adjust.

At 5'4" and 110 #, Randall Jr. had to face the fact of the breakup of his parent's marriage. Hence, the reason for the move to the new town. Actually, he was looking forward to spending more time with his dad, whose busy work schedule as a college football coach contributed to the breakup. Meanwhile, Randall Sr. had to face the skeptics, who weren't sure that he could handle being such a young head football coach. In the first team meeting, Coach Thomas laid down the rules to prevent any misunderstandings. He wanted to be perceived as tough, but fair.

One weekend, Coach Thomas decided to take his son to the football workouts. The college players actually liked having him around, as he could help with small jobs: towels, water, etc. When it was time for practice to end, Jr. headed into the lockerrooms along with everyone else. His dad told him:

"Hey Sport, why don't you hang around here for a while, I have something I need to do in the office. You can help out the guys".

"Sure Dad", said Randall Jr. As Dad went into his office, Jr. couldn't help but notice the guys who were in the shower room. He noticed their wet bodies.... their muscular forms..... AND their hard cocks. Little Randall just gulped at their sizes. Suddenly, he came into facial contact with the quarterback of the team, Justin Baxter. At 6'3" 185#, black hair and brown eyes, he was the Big Man on Campus. Justin thought he could score points with the coach by being nice to the kid. He caught little Randall looking at this slightly hairy and buffed body... It was actually turning him on that the coach's 18 year old son was staring at his body. So, being the randy junior that he was, Justin grabbed his hardening cock and jacked it just a bit for the young boy.

Randall Jr. was absolutely speechless. He had never seen such a big cock at such a close range. He got flustered and went to drink some water. Then young Randall noticed that his dad was headed to the back of the lockerrooms, where the weight area was located. His dad was shirtless and showing off his smooth pecs and six pack abs. Then, Justin the quarterback was also headed in the same direction. The stud football player entered the weight room and didn't actually lock the door. When Justin peeked in, he noticed that it was pitch black and he couldn't see where his dad was. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, Randall Jr. noticed some strange moaning sounds coming out of the corner of the weight room, which had a large exercise pad on the floor.

He got ever so closer and noticed that his dad was on his back and Justin the stud quarterback was giving his coach a sloppy blow job. The coach's son could not believe his his eyes. His own dad was getting sucked by a guy.... and judging by the sounds that Coach was making... he was enjoying every bit of it. Then, Randall Jr. found himself getting turned on by two sweaty male bodies making love to each other. He started to rub his hand on his little cock, which was getting harder by the minute. Randall was so lost in his dream like trance, that he didn't notice the two pair of hands that were touching his body!! Both his Dad and Justin were feeling him up. Randall Jr. was not putting up a struggle as his dad spoke to him:

"Oh baby, how I've often dreamed of this moment. I've wanted to touch your body for a couple of years... but I thought you were too young to start out at 16 years of age, like I started with my own dad."

"Here, let me take this off..." So Coach Thomas removed his son's shorts and briefs. Meanwhile, Justin was behind the 18 year old boy and pressing his muscular body against the growing boy. Coach Thomas picked up his young boy in his arms and started to give his son some very ardent, wet kissed. Randall Jr. was in a dreamworld! Then, Justin got close to his waist and started to lick his little, but hard boy dick. Then he put the little cock into his mouth. Randall Jr. was getting into it as he moaned from the pleasure of his dad's kisses and Justin's sucking of his boy dick.

"Oh Coach!!! This is sooooo wild!!!! I never thought that in a million years that I'd be having sex with a young boy... and with your own son!!!!!!"

Both Coach and the quarterback carried the boy to the exercise mat as Randall Jr. became the filling of a sex sandwich between his dad and the football jock. Coach Thomas lay on his back as he sensed the growing sexual arousal of his young son. Young Randall crept closer to his dad's huge purple crown and started to lick the copious amounts of precum.

The 18 year old boy could not fit his small mouth on his dad's dick, but he tried his best. At the same time, Justin faced a young but ripe bubble butt and dove right in. He spread open those two small melon shaped mounds and found little Randall's young bud just waiting to be opened. The stud QB started licking like crazy...

"Oh man, I'm licking a boy's ass!!!! Totally awesome!!!"

"Yeah coach, you're son is a major little horny stud!!!" Randall Jr. suddenly got a wicked idea. He lay down on his stomach, with his bubble butt facing his dad.. Young Randall swayed his boy ass back and forth, as a signal to his dad that he wanted more. Coach Thomas saw that his son's ass was nice and wet from Justin's rim job.

"This is going to hurt son.... but you'll get used to the pain." Before Justin could respond, he felt something long and hard and wet start to penetrate his virgin boy butt. To lessen the pain, Justin pushed his hard cock into little Randall's willing mouth. The young guy felt like a log was sticking into his ass, but it was pain of pleasure. Coach could not believe how good it felt to fuck his young boy...... He started slowly and then began to pick up the pace. Justin began to breathe heavier and heavier, as he sensed that his load was building up! "Hey Coach, watch your boy swallow my hot cum!!!"

"Here it comes... HERE IT COMES...ARRGHHH UGGHHH AHHHHH!!!YESSSSS!!!!" Young Randall's mouth was overflowing with grade A jock cum!!!

All of this frenzied action put his dad over the edge as he fucked his son harder and harder.

"HERE IT IS SON!!!! YOU'RE GOING TO BE FILLED BY THE CUM THAT MADE YOU... OHHHHHH YESSS!!! OH YESSSSS, ARRGGGGH! Randall Jr became a little slut boy, as both his holes overfilled with some hot, HOT, man juice.

Justin said "I want some sloppy seconds, as he stuck his cock into the boy's ass." It felt amazing as he felt his cock mixing with coach's milk. Coach Thomas faced his son as he kissed his boy, whose mouth was still full of Justin's stud cream. Coach Thomas looked up to see the tall and massive forms of three of his other football players... Hmmm.

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