Adult Book Store

I was bored and since my boyfreind had broken up with me a couple of months ago i decided to go to go to the local adult book store to see if i could find any action. I walked around for a while in the video booth room and there wasn only a couple of guys there looking for the same thing i was, to service some horny guy. I decided to go into a buddy booth and was sitting there for a while stroking and watching this hot guy getting banged by six guys and this guy just comes into my booth and closes the curtain. he looked at me and undid his pants and pulled them down. he got on his knees and proceeded to suck me. as he was sucking me he pulled my shirt up and rubbed his hands all over my chest and back and pinched my nipples.

He pulled off my cock and asked if i had ever gotten rimmed and i told him that i never had and he said well you are now. he had me stand up and turn around. he started rubbing and massaging my butt cheeks and telling me what a nice ass i had. Then he pulled my cheeks apart and licked the crack of my ass from my balls to the small of my back. He told me that my ass tasted good and then dove right in licking, sucking and pushing his tongue in my hole. It was wonderful. He ate me out for at least ten minutes. then he stood up, turned me around and started sucking on my nipples and kneeding my ass cheeks. He told me that he wanted to fuck my sweet ass and asked me if he could. i told him that would be great.

He pulled out a condom and put it on and then pulled out some lube and lubed my ass. he started to finger fuck me till I was loose enough to take him. Then he sat down and had me set on his cosk and it slid right in. As I was riding him he kept telling me how nice my ass felt and telling me i had the best ass he had ever had. His hands were all over my upper body as i rode him.

Our moaning and him saying oh baby what a sweet ass had caught the attention of some other guys, for when i happened to look over i seen them standing at the entrance to our booth and one of them was standing there stoking his dick. i motioned him to come over and he did and i started sucking him as i was riding the other guy. Was living out my sexual fantasy, to be sucking a guy while getting fucked by another guy. it was so hot. it didnt take long for the guy i was sucking to cum he shot in my mouth and pulled out and shot some all over my face and rubbed it all over my face with his dick and he put it back in my mouth to lick clean.

He left and i was there still riding this guy, sweat and cum dripping from my face. He pulled me down hard on him and he shot inside me. feeling him shoot inside me made me go over the edge and i told him i was going to cum. he told me he wanted me to cum in his mouth and he lifted me off him turned me around and i shot in his mouth. I was so week in the knees that he had to hold me up. i could not stand up i had to set back down and he set me on his lap till i was able to stand up.

While i was setting on his lap he kept telling me how good i was and that i was the best he had ever had. i happen to look down and noticed that he wast wearing the rubber and didn't see it on the floor. i felt something coming out of me and i felt my butt hole and it was his cum. The condom had came off inside me while i was riding him. I guess that old saying is true, its not the size of a cock that matters its how he uses it. because this guy was lucky if he was four inches long. I had bigger but no one had ever made me weak in the knees like he did.

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