Alien Abduction

Part 1: Alien Abduction

Hiking through a moderately forested area of Colorado foothills, searching for the perfect campsite. This trip was only going to be for two nights. It had taken a day and a half to drive to the park station where he got his permit, spent the night in a local motel, then set off on foot at first light.

Part 2: Alien Abduction

He almost bit them, but decided they might bleed in his mouth, and he knew he'd throw up if that happened. Maybe they had acid for blood, too! His mind was exploding with possibilities and the preposterousness of the whole situation. They felt his nose, ears, eyes, and eyebrows. Then they progressed downward. His neck, his chest, his nipples.

Part 3: Alien Abduction

He watched, fascinated, as the craft apparently approached the ground, and moved slowly along. It was a deserted area of wilderness, desert-like in appearance. Suddenly he saw a form in the distance. Someone hiking, loaded with a back-pack, shorts, hiking boots, and some type of shirt. Male. Dark hair. Unaware of the approach.

Part 4: Alien Abduction

The leads attached to it were now tight where they looped his shaft, and he was very aware of their presence. Finally, one of the aliens turned to the machine and he felt the sensations stop abruptly. He let out a sigh, but his relief was only momentary. He felt an alien hand touch his cock. Then he knew what was coming next.

Part 5: Alien Abduction

Maybe we can think more clearly about all this after we sleep a while. " "Right! Good night. . . or whatever. " They both lay down on the cushion, carefully keeping a distance between their bodies, although the "bed" was barely large enough for them both.

Part 6: Alien Abduction

It was only about a half inch in diameter, but he still resisted. Insistent fingers began pulling his lips apart, clicking the device against his teeth. He gave up, knowing that eventually they would f orce it in. It was pushed in until it reached the back of his throat. It pushed further, making him gag, but after it stopped moving, he got used to it.

Part 7: Alien Abduction

The alien shifted direction as he moved. David found himself in the corner as the alien drew within three feet. And stopped. It looked at David's face with four of its eyes, while the others continued to stare at the crotch area. All six arms stretched out sideways as it took another step. Retreat was cut off.

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