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Once he rolled it up one leg to my crotch but continued across my crotch and down the other leg. Hmmm I thought. As he moved back and forth across my ass I definitely felt a greater pressure, especially as he moved across the crack of my ass since he not only rolled across my ass, but also slightly lower do where my ass curved back to my legs. Very sensual and I unconsciously responded by pressing back slightly...of course my wife Karen was taking all this in and I could see in the mirror a bit of a smile on her pretty lips as she shifted in her chair. Doug moved around to the front of my legs and looked in my eyes as he slowly moved higher. I gave him an imperceptable nod which he took as permission to continue.
There was a path from the beach into the brush which I followed. In just a few feet I rounded a bend and saw the home of the voice, a huge local boy about 20 years old. But when I say huge, I mean huge. He was probably 300 lbs, setting on a piece of driftwood extending me a can of Bud Lite. Must be on a diet I thought to myself.

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